The Machiavellian

The Mischievous Spirit

The Machiavellian is often nicknamed the 'little demon' of the 'Plotters' category, not out of any malice, but for its playful schemes that often leave its humans perplexed. Extroverted and bold, it leads its life with such assurance and mystery that some might wonder if it's plotting some secret scheme.

The Enigmatic Charmer

This cat with a Cheshire smile perfectly embodies the idea that there is always more than meets the eye. Its behavior can sometimes seem ambiguous, leaving a doubt about its true intentions, even though at heart, its actions are driven only by insatiable curiosity and a desire to play.

The Master of Illusions

Where The Saboteur adapts to find new mischiefs, The Machiavellian elevates deception to an art form. It is the cat that could convince you it thirsts for power and domination, just before rolling on its back in search of a caress.

The Captivating Duality

The relationship between The Machiavellian and its owner is a fascinating mix of love and mystery. One cannot help but be slightly wary, even though at heart, we know that its greatest plots boil down to inventive playtime and the conquest of the most comfortable bed in the house.

The Theatre of Stratagem

To cohabit with The Machiavellian, offer it a theater where it can orchestrate its plans without harmful consequences. An environment that encourages creativity and problem-solving will be beneficial to it, while ensuring that its intrigues remain benevolent and within the framework of harmonious cohabitation.

Machiavellian Stickers

Machiavellian - ECNA - Official Sticker

$5 USD

Machiavellian - Official Sticker

  • 💫 Made 100% in durable vinyl with strong 3M glue for lasting decorations!
  • 👊 Thickness (0.004" / 1mm) with an elegant glossy finish.
  • 🌎 International delivery (1 to 5 days).
  • Machiavellian Stickers

    Machiavellian - ECNA - Official Sticker

    $5 USD