The Marginal

A Free and Fiery Spirit

The Marginal cat is a being of independence and energy, a born explorer who does not need a crowd to feel complete. Its world is a playground where every corner holds mysteries to unravel, every shadow an invitation to chase. It is the one that prefers the frenzy of a solitary race to the peaceful purring on your lap.

The Challenges of the Non-Conformist

This is not a cat that easily bends to rules. The Marginal tests limits, often in disregard of danger or comfort. Each prohibition is a challenge, each boundary, a frontier to cross. It may seem resistant to routines and confined spaces, preferring unbridled freedom to the security of a predictable schedule.

The Charisma of Independence

The Marginal possesses a particular charm, that of authenticity. It does not seek approval but inspires with its confidence and self-determination. Its curiosity is inexhaustible, and it uses its energy to explore, learn, and master its environment. Its moments of calm are rare, but when they occur, they are deep and thoughtful.

Selective Complicity

The relationship between The Marginal and its owner is a delicate dance of autonomy and mutual respect. It may not always come when called, but its signs of affection, though rare, are sincere and significant. It is the companion for souls who respect its space and know how to appreciate the moments of sharing it offers spontaneously.

Coexistence with the Untamed Spirit

To forge a harmonious bond with The Marginal, one must embrace its adventurous spirit. Play must be stimulating, inviting action and discovery. It requires an environment rich in stimuli where it can exercise its mental and physical agility, while respecting its need for independence and its unique rhythm.

Marginal Stickers

Marginal - IRNA - Official Sticker

$5 USD

Marginal - Official Sticker

  • 💫 Made 100% in durable vinyl with strong 3M glue for lasting decorations!
  • 👊 Thickness (0.004" / 1mm) with an elegant glossy finish.
  • 🌎 International delivery (1 to 5 days).
  • Marginal Stickers

    Marginal - IRNA - Official Sticker

    $5 USD